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Rapides Parish Tax Assessor’s Office Information

Rapides Parish Tax Assessor Office

Tax assessors in Louisiana have the important job of assessing all real estate property located within their respective parishes for ad valorem taxation and must follow the laws of Louisiana as well as the Louisiana Constitution. The Rapides Parish Tax Assessor’s office is responsible for evaluating, listing, identifying and assessing all property in Rapides parish. The tax assessor is also responsible for tracking real estate ownership changes via sales, donations, and successions.

Where to Pay Property Taxes in Rapides Parish

While the tax assessor assesses the property, the Rapides Parish Sheriff functions as the tax collector. You can pay your taxes here to save time. The Rapides Parish Tax Assessor website gives you information on real estate located in the parish. You can view your tax records as well as research other properties that you may be interested in. Viewing real estate listings is easy and you can search by the owner’s name, parcel #, property ID, address (physical or mailing), assessment number, subdivision, or S-T-R. You can also view different tax years to find what you’re looking for. Many people use the real estate search function on the Rapides Parish tax assessor website to find properties they wish to purchase. 

Not only can you search the database of personal real estate, but there is also a function that allows you to search business property throughout Rapides Parish. This can be helpful if you’re doing research or need to find out who owns certain properties in the parish. If you prefer, you can walk into the Rapides Parish tax office and they will help you.

The Rapides Parish tax assessor’s office is open from 8:00 – 4:00 PM Monday -Friday with a physical address at 701 Murray Street, Ste 101, Alexandria, Louisiana 71301. You can contact the office with questions you may have regarding real estate at (318) 448-8511 or send an email to

What is a Homestead Exemption in Rapides Parish?

You may be wondering about the Homestead Exemption and what it covers in Rapides Parish. It was developed to help homeowners and lower their tax burden. It has a set amount of $75,000, which means that if your property is valued at $75k or less then you may not have to pay parish taxes. All you have to do in order to qualify is own and live on the property and apply at the Rapides Parish Tax Assessor’s office at the courthouse. 

Keep in mind that you can have the Homestead Exemption on just one home at a time. This program isn’t something that can be applied to multiple homes or investment properties. Contact the Rapides Parish tax assessor office with questions regarding the Homestead Exemption. 

How to Obtain the Special Assessment Level Freezes

You may be wondering how to apply for the special assessment level freeze in Rapides Parish and what it covers. The Louisiana Legislature passed a Constitutional amendment that freezes the assessed value of Homestead Exempted property. It only freezes Homestead Exemption property and keeps your taxes from increasing. However, the freeze does not cover millage rates, so you will still be responsible for those. To apply for the freeze, simply sign an application at the Rapides Parish tax office and have it filed. 

What Are Millage Rates in Rapides Parish? 

You’ve probably heard the term “millage” rates when discussing your property taxes. The Rapides Parish tax assessor’s office uses millage rates when determining your assessment. A millage is basically the rate that is used to calculate your taxes owed. It’s 1/10 of 1 cent that is then multiplied by your property’s assessed value. This is after any exemptions are subtracted.

Rapides Parish Tax Assessor Map

You can access the Rapides Parish tax assessor map can be accessed online or you can go into the office. It allows you to locate property to see who owns it and to see the value. This map is updated routinely when property ownership changes hands such as in a sale, succession, or donation.

In Conclusion:

The Rapides Parish tax assessor’s office supports a multitude of functions in the parish such as locating, identifying, and valuing property as well as providing information regarding the Rapides Parish sales tax rate.