How Do I File a Consumer Complaint with the Louisiana Attorney General in 2022?

Filing a consumer complaint with the Louisiana Attorney General’s office is simple. You need to understand the process before submitting your complaint. Here’s exactly what you should know about the process.

Before Filing a Complaint

First, take a few moments to think about your claim. Gather all appropriate information pertaining to your complaint. You want to make sure you have all facts in order so you can finish the complaint in one sitting to avoid missing details. 

It takes time to review complaints sent to the Louisiana Attorney General, so you will want to provide as many facts and details about your situation as possible. 

Here is a list of important information you will want to have before filing your complaint:

  • Name of company your disputing
  • Their address, phone
  • Date of transaction
  • Details of service you are disputing such as name of salesperson
  • Details of product you are disputing such as description of product, brand name, serial and model number if applicable
  • Manufacturer details if known
  • Contacts made to the manufacturer representative if you have attempted to speak with them. You will need to have the address and phone number of who you spoke with regarding your issue
  • Amount you spent and how you paid for it (method of payment used)
  • Where the product was advertised 
  • Whether or not you contacted the merchant who sold the product

Once you have entered the required information for your Louisiana Attorney General Consumer Complaint, you will next be asked to describe your version of the events surrounding the dispute. The Louisiana attorney General will then ask you to submit any relevant information such as documents, advertising material related to the product or service, signed contracts, receipts, checks, etc. If a vehicle was at the center of your Louisiana Attorney General consumer complaint, then you will need to provide the year, model and VIN. 

Be cautious to not include any personal information such as your driver’s license, social security number, bank account information or any other sensitive information. 

After Complaint is Submitted

Once you submit your complaint to the Louisiana State Attorney General, their office will send a copy of your complaint to the company you are disputing against. 

By filing a complaint with the Louisiana State Attorney General’s Office, you are stating that you believe the company has used unfair and deceptive business practices against you. This can cover a wide variety of incidents that involve companies and manufacturers. 

Keep in mind the Louisiana Attorney General may keep a record of your consumer complaint plus the attached documents. Be sure that you only include what is required to file your complaint and don’t include any sensitive information. The Louisiana Attorney General’s Office may also send copies of your complaint to other State agencies and private agencies for your claim. 

Here is the link to begin your Louisiana Attorney General consumer complaint.

Criminal Complaints

If your Louisiana Attorney General consumer complaint is more of a complaint about criminal conduct, you will want to call law enforcement and not the Attorney General’s Office. Local law enforcement will have proper jurisdiction over criminal matters. 

Louisiana Attorney General Criminal Division

The Louisiana Attorney General Criminal Division has a few different functions: They advise District Attorneys all over the state on various matters, assist prosecutors in criminal cases, extradition legal services, constitutional challenges, writs, etc. They also prepare Louisiana Attorney General opinions regarding criminal law matters and perform multiple other criminal law matters.

The Louisiana Attorney General Office handles a wide variety of matters all over the State of Louisiana. The Louisiana Attorney General contact information for the Criminal Division: (225) 326-6200.

Louisiana Attorney General is Not Your Lawyer

The Attorney General’s Office may investigate on behalf of you and the general public, but they cannot act as your lawyer or give legal advice. They will not pursue litigation on your behalf when it involves private matters. You will need to hire a private attorney to assist you in private matters. 

What Types of Remedies are Available?

The Louisiana Attorney General can bring an action for consumer protection against companies that violate the federal statutes. They have the authority to mediate, investigate, settle claims and bring actions such as litigation against companies or manufacturers that violate consumer protection laws. 

Remedies obtained include, but are not limited to:

  1. Monetary penalties
  2. Injunctions
  3. Suspension of License or Permit
  4. Specific Performance of contract or agreement
  5. Restitution in the form of monetary payment
  6. Attorneys’ fees

How Do I Contact the Louisiana Attorney General?

The Louisiana attorney General Phone number is 1-877-297-0995, (225) 326-6757, (225) 326-6079. There are multiple divisions that each have their own phone number. 


Address: 1885 North Third Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802

What Does the Louisiana Attorney General Do?

The Attorney General’s job is to protect citizens and resources of the State of Louisiana through the court system and other legal means. The Louisiana Attorney General’s Office can investigate claims and mediate them to form a solution. They can also litigate if necessary. The Louisiana Attorney General is the highest lawyer in the state. 

Jeff Landry has been the Louisiana Attorney General since January 11, 2016. 

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