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How to Renew Your License Plate Online in Louisiana 2022

renew louisiana license plate online

Renewing your license plate online in Louisiana is an easy process that can save time and not interfere with your daily schedule. There’s nothing more frustrating than taking time out of your work day or sacrificing your lunch to go to the DMV in Louisiana only to see long lines.  

COVID-19 has stalled government offices and the DMV is slower now than ever. In fact, many DMVs require that you set an appointment before they will speak with you. Many people have been turned away and not allowed to renew their license plates due to not having an appointment. If you have a busy schedule, you may not know exactly when you will be able to go back to the DMV and you’ve wasted your day. 

If you’ve searched online for “How Do I Renew My License Plate Online in Louisiana,” you’ve come to the right place! It’s not difficult, but this short guide will walk you through the process and you’ll have your license plate renewed without stepping foot in the dreaded DMV.  

Click the link to go to and you will be directed to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. Every parish in Louisiana can use this online tool. Express Lane has a ton of helpful online tools and information such as vehicle services, driver services, wait times and more. This is the website you use to renew your license plate online in Louisiana.  

Next, search under “Vehicle Services” and locate the link for Vehicle Registration Renewal. It will bring you to a page titled, “Louisiana Vehicle Registration Renewal.”  

There are 4 Steps To Renew Your Vehicle Registration Online:  

  1. Enter your vehicle information 
  1. Verify your home address 
  1. Pay the renewal fee 
  1. View and print your receipt for your vehicle registration 

Keep in mind, Louisiana Law under R.S. 32:861 et al requires that all vehicles be covered with at least the minimum liability insurance limits or other security. You could face civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance. Also, the renewal will include a service charge, so keep that in mind when paying.  

You will either need the renewal identification number that was sent to you by mail or your old vehicle registration. If you didn’t get a renewal identification number in the mail, don’t worry, not everyone receives one. Be sure to locate the following information ahead of time so that you don’t stall your renewal.  

Gather The Following Information Before Proceeding Online: 

  1. Vehicle Model Year 
  1. Vehicle Make 
  1. License Plate Number 
  1. Last 6 Digits of VIN or vehicle identification number 
  1. Date you acquired the vehicle 

To Renew Your Vehicle Registration In Person, Bring The Following Information: 

  1. Your renewal notice 
  1. Driver’s license 
  1. Renewal fee 
  1. Proof of car insurance 

If you’re concerned about COVID-19, it is easy to renew your license plate online and avoid going into public buildings.  

Are There Late Fees for Renewing Late? 

Yes. If you allow your license plate to expire, the DMV will charge a late fee.  

How Much is Vehicle Registration Renewal in Louisiana? 

Vehicle registration renewal fees vary in Louisiana. The amount depends on the vehicle, late fees and an online processing fee charged by the website.  

Can I Renew My License Plate Online If It Has Expired? 

No. If your license plate is already expired, you will not be able to renew through ExpressLane. This is the same if you are required to provide additional documentation in order to renew your plates. ExpressLane is equipped to handle current license plate renewals and those that do not require additional documentation. You will need to call your local DMV to handle any late fees.   

Can You Renew Your Driver’s License Online in Louisiana? 

Yes, you can renew your Louisiana driver’s license using ExpressLane. However, there are a few stipulations and only certain users can access this option. In order to use the online method of driver’s license renewal, you must certify that: 

  1. You have received a Louisiana computer generated mail-in renewal invitation; 
  1. You do not have a mental or physical condition that impairs your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle; 
  1. You have not experienced loss of consciousness; 
  1. Your registered vehicles are covered by liability insurance; 
  1. You understand that this Driver’s License will replace your current license.  

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