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When to Hire a Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney in 2022

louisiana personal injury lawyer

There are certain injuries where you will want to consult with an experienced Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney. You may be wondering if you will need an attorney to assist with your claim – this article will shed some light on when you need to hire an attorney for your injuries. 

If you’ve been in a serious accident before, you know how confusing it can be to deal with the hospital, insurance company and other factors. You’re hurt, tired and just want it to all be over.

There’s a strong chance you’ve missed work due to your injuries and that means lost income. Before you try to handle your personal injury case, you may want to consult with a Louisiana personal injury attorney to see what your case is worth.

We all know that attorneys are expensive, but Louisiana personal injury attorneys take cases on a contingency basis – meaning, they only get paid if they win your case. This is a great motivator for them to finish your case quickly and for the most amount of money possible.  

Many people have settled their own cases without the help of an attorney. However, this isn’t always the best option as many types of injuries require a lawyer’s help or you could be taken advantage of by the insurance company. Your type of accident could have complex legal issues that you may not be aware of or your injury could be severe to the extent you will need long-term care. Having a personal injury attorney in your corner can force the insurance company to take you seriously as there is always the threat of forcing them into court and spending even more money.  

Here Are a Few Examples of When You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Louisiana: 

Your Injuries are Severe 

Medical expenses for a severe injury can pile up quickly. You may need multiple X-Rays, physical therapy and alternative medicines to get you back healthy and able to work. The amount of money your accident is worth is mainly determined by the severity of your injuries.

Your medical bills, expenses, time off from work and the type of injury you have will be the benchmark the insurance company will use to rate the severity of your injuries. Severe injuries may put you in a different category than your regular fender-bender.

The amount of compensation you may be entitled from the insurance company can grow exponentially, especially if there is a large insurance policy in force. This is when it can pay off to hire an attorney to handle your personal injury claim. Remember, they get paid in direct relation to the amount of money they secure for you, so they will use every resource they have to get you the best deal possible.  

The Insurance Company Won’t Payout/Lowball Offers 

Self-represented plaintiffs sometimes get the run-around from insurance companies. They don’t take you seriously as they assume you won’t have the knowledge to haul them into court. Insurance companies drag their feet and try to run out the time for you to file your petition for damages. Remember, you only have a certain amount of time before your claim prescribes and you are no longer allowed to file in court.  

They also believe you will take a substantially lower amount for your injuries because you don’t have an attorney to tell you otherwise. Insurance companies are notorious for low-balling or sending injured individuals low offers for their injuries.

Their duty is to the insurance company, not you and they will try to save the company as much money as possible. It’s especially hard to turn down money if you’ve been missing work. A few thousand dollars may feel like a blessing, but in reality, it could be light-years below what an experienced personal injury attorney could get you. 

The minimum liability limits for an auto insurance policy in Louisiana is $15,000, which can easily run out if you ride in an ambulance, participate in physical therapy and go to the doctor a few times. Just having an attorney work on your settlement lets the insurance company know they will have to spend more money defending the case in court and they are more likely to pay out the policy.

Many people stop treatment because they don’t think they can get more money from the insurance policy, but an attorney can instruct you on how long you can treat and get better without running out of money. Personal injury claims can be complicated and it’s better to have someone walk you through the process.  

You Have Long-Term Injuries or Permanently Disabled 

It’s easy to get into a car wreck or get hurt at work and end up disabled for a year or more. You may even be permanently disabled through no fault of your own. It can be tough to figure out how much your claim is worth by yourself. You may need periodic treatment or long-term care.

Physical therapy can last for years, but you need to be sure the insurance company pays for it and you don’t end up having to file Bankruptcy due to medical bills. You may need an attorney to squeeze the most out of your insurance claim and to ensure you get the medical help you need.  

How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Louisiana 

Choosing the perfect attorney for your case can be a daunting task. The running joke about Louisiana is that there are too many attorneys. However, this is good for you as there are plenty of Louisiana lawyers that will earn your business. Personal injury attorneys normally only get paid if they do good on your case and that is the great motivator.  

Set up multiple consultations with attorneys in your area and speak with them about your case. You can get a feel for the attorney and law firm before signing the contract. Find out the percentage they charge before making an agreement.

Louisiana personal injury attorneys normally charge between 30% to 40% of the amount they get for you. This can be a large chunk of money, but their job is to get substantially more than you could have gotten by yourself. Also, talk to friends and family as there is a good chance they’ve had to hire a personal injury attorney themselves.

Auto accidents happen in Louisiana every day and you can easily find the best personal injury attorneys by asking around and reading reviews.  

Here’s an article to help you choose the best attorney for your case and get the most out of your lawyer.

If you want to learn more about Louisiana Personal Injury Law, check out this article to get more tips.  

Disclaimer: This article does not intend to provide legal advice. You must speak to an attorney regarding your case. Every situation is different and only a Louisiana attorney can give you legal advice.

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